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About Anabolic Laboratories

Founded in 1924 under the name Anabolic Foods, Anabolic Laboratories has grown from a farm dedicated to producing whole food supplements to a leader in the nutritional supplement industry. Since their inception the company has been dedicated to pioneering new, innovative ways of delivering natural supplements.

Anabolic Laboratories is still a family owned company that has remained dedicated to providing high quality nutritional supplements using only the latest methods of manufacturing. They've since expanded to two facilities in Irvine, CA and Colardo Springs, CO where they maintain strict quality assurance guidelines in accordance with the US FDA registration.

Now, Anabolic Laboratories products include nutritional supplements, prescription nutritional products, medical foods, and over the counter and prescription pharmaceuticals, offering a wide variety of solutions to physicians and patients.

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ALA Vital ALA 300 mg 30 Vcaps by Anabolic Laboratories AVED-Kids Multivit Nat Berry Flav 120 chews by Anabolic Laboratories Aved-Multi 120 Tabs by Anabolic Laboratories
Aved-Multi 60 Gel by  by Anabolic Laboratories AVED-Multi Iron Free 120 Tabs by Anabolic Laboratories AVED-Multi Iron Free 60 Tabs by Anabolic Laboratories
AVED-Multi 120 Gels by Anabolic Laboratories AVED-Prenatal Multi with Calcium 120 Veg Tabs by Anabolic Laboratories B12-Plus Natural Berry Flavor 1000 mcg 30 Loz by Anabolic Laboratories
B6-Plus 100 Tabs by Anabolic Laboratories Biomax C 100 Vegetarian Tabs by Anabolic Laboratories Bone Support Formula 180 Tabs by Anabolic Laboratories
Cal-M 90 Tabs by Anabolic Laboratories Chelated Iron 90 vTabs by Anabolic Laboratories Chromease 90 Vegetarian Tabs by Anabolic Laboratories
Clinical Antioxidant Complex 60 VCaps by Anabolic Laboratories Clinical D3 5,000 IU 60 Vegetarian Microtabs by Anabolic Laboratories Clinical Magnesium 90 vcaps by Anabolic Laboratories
Clinical Omega-3 EPA/DHA 120 Gels by Anabolic Laboratories Coenzyme Q10 100 mg 60 Gels by Anabolic Laboratories Coenzyme Q10 200mg 60 Gels by Anabolic Laboratories
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High Quality Nutrition

  • All Anabolic Laboratories brand supplements are pharmaceutical made, meaning that each product undergoes an extensive manufacturing process guaranteed to ensure purity and potency.
  • All Anabolic Laboratories manufacturing facilities meet the stringent standards of the Good Manufacturing Practices established by the Food and Drug Administration for drugs and dietary supplements.
  • Certain products are also manufactured specifically to meet the USDA requirements and standards to be labeled organic. A certain number of Kosher supplements are also offered, and have been passed certification through the Organized Union.
  • Each manufacturing room at Anabolic Laboratories is equipped with technology used in intensive quality control during production. During production, sample tablets are removed and tested for their weight, thickness, and hardness to inform a uniformity of high quality.
  • When the physical inspection is complete, sample tablets are then sent to analytical laboratories where they’re tested to verify the correct amount of ingredients before ever being released for sale.
  • Both Anabolic Laboratories manufacturing locations are regularly inspected by organizations including the Food and Drug Administration, National Products Association, and several international pharmaceutical agencies to ensure proper handling and production.
  • Anabolic Labs Featured Products

    As a nutritional supplement company dedicated to providing quality, full body health solutions, Anabolic Laboratories offers a wide variety of health products from multi-vitamins to joint and bone health supplements.

    If you want to buy Anabolic Laboratories supplements, some of the most popular ones to consider are:

    • Clinical Magnesium Tablets - Magnesium supplements are lacking from the typical modern diet, so supplementation is important to maintaining a proper inflammatory state and overall cardiovascular health. Magnesium supplements also support bone, joint, and mental health.
    • Probiotic Complete Capsules - Probiotics are designed to regulate and maintain the intestinal flora in your upper and lower digestive tract, increasing overall digestive health.
    • T.R.I. Iron Complex Capsules - Anabolic Laboratories Iron Complex capsules provide a unique blend of iron and vitamins like B12 and B1, designed to be taken just once a day and with minimal intestinal disturbance that’s regularly associated with iron supplements.