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Arthur Andrew Medical develops enzyme-based supplements with clinically researched ingredients. They are so effective that some formulations are prescription medications abroad. Natural extracts and enzymes from non-toxic and ethically safe materials such as plants, microbes, and other GMO-free sources are used in specific and science-based combinations.  Arthur Andrew Medical supplements offer a lower potential risk of side effects than synthetic patented enzymes.
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Proferia 2 oz by Arthur Andrew Medical Proferia 2 oz by Arthur Andrew Medical
MSRP: $29.99
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Featured Products from Arthur Andrew Medical

Neprinol AFD –include enzymes for circulatory health and blood detoxification that break down inflammatory fibrin.
Syntol AMD – a probiotic yeast cleanse to support intestinal balance.
Aminolase –breaks down dietary protein and aids in muscle formation and recovery.
Devigest ADS –includes digestive enzymes that reduce digestive distress caused by common irritants, such as gluten and lactose.
Serretia –incorporates the most powerful Serrapeptase to reduce inflammation, injury, and clotting. Serretia also reduces swelling and fluid retention.
Nattovena – utilizes double-potency Nattokinase for improved circulation, clotting, and blood pressure, and it reduces fibrin from inflammation following injury.
Fibrovera AHS –a female hormone balancer including microbial and botanical components that support uterine and breast health by reducing estrogen dominance.
Proferia – a hormone balancing bio-identical progesterone cream derived from wild yam.
Neprofin AVF –a blend of bioflavonoids, enzymes, and antioxidants that aid in movement and muscle/tissue repair.
Novequin DPF –a probiotic and digestive aid for horses.