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The art of practicing ayurvedic medicine has nourished bodies for thousands of years. Based on the elements and external environment, each person has a guiding disposition, a dosha, to certain health advantages and issues. Depending on which of the three you possess, treatment and lifestyle are catered around that disposition. Thus, herbal and natural medicines can properly treat certain deficiencies or health problems in accordance with your dosha to balance your health. For over 20 years, Ayush Herbs has been providing authentic and trustworthy formulas that complement ayurvedic medicine treatments for physicians all over the world. All raw materials are scanned for contaminants and bioavailability, as well as a state of the art research and development facility to ensure the validity of herbal treatments. Located in the Himalayas, Ayush Herbs headquarters lives and breathes ayurvedic medicine. Their Quality Guarantee safeguards the extraction and sourcing of their product ingredients so that you are fully equipped with potent herbal medicine to treat all dosha imbalances.

Turmeric is a bright, citrus colored spice that is common in Middle Eastern cooking and prevalent in Ayurvedic medicine. It is widely used for a variety of symptoms including indigestion and circulatory support. In addition, cancer sufferers may benefit from supplementation of daily circumin. Anti-inflammatory and blood sugar stabilizing circumin can be easily integrated into your daily wellness regimen. Ayush Herbs formulated their Circumin 97% Vegetarian Formula to answer the need for circumin and it’s effects on treatment and overall wellness.

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Depending on your approach to health, your daily requirements may differ tremendously. The importance of a multivitamin is a global truth, and by feeding your cells with a myriad of essential vitamins, herbs, and minerals you are balancing your regulatory systems into harmony. Ayush Herbs’ Multi Multivitamin is a combination of mega vitamins like antioxidant E, energy producing B, and vision clearing A. In addition, vital minerals like Zinc and Copper are added to nourish the endocrine systems. What makes this vitamin unique is the integration of herbal ingredients: ginger and black peppercorn aid in digestion and circulation to kick start the body into receiving the nutrients from the vitamin itself, and speed up your physical benefits from the vitamin! Ayurvedic medicine is a valuable tool to utilize when building your path to total health and wellness.