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BioGenesis Nutraceuticals

In 2000, BioGenesis was founded by Riley Livingston, supplement industry entrepreneur, and naturopathic physician, Dr. David Wood. With over 100 nutritional products, BioGenesis offers high-quality and effective comprehensive formulations created through scientific research, traditional use, and medical practice. A scientific advisory board of leading complementary and alternative medicine practitioners ensures efficacy and quality of products.
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Featured Product Lines by BioGenesis Nutraceuticals

• Foundational Nutrition Support –including healthy fats, probiotics, phytochemicals, and antioxidants to support and protect the body. Popular supplements include: EPA/DHA and other Omega formulations, MultiGreens, Oregano oil, and a variety of OsteoGenesis products
• Immune Support –providing botanicals, enzymes, and nutrients with powerful immune boosting benefits
• Inflammation and Pain –comprehensive products including herbs and botanicals with anti-inflammatory activity, such as AlliHist Relief, ArthroGenx Cream, BioInflammatory Plus, InflamaZyme, Pain X, and White Willow Forte
• Detoxification and Liver – supplements address chronic pain, GI discomfort, skin problems, and fatigue as well as support metabolic cleansing and improved liver function, such as BioCleanse
• Digestive and Intestinal Health – promote digestive and intestinal health with restorative nutrients, botanicals, and powerful digestive enzymes, such as BioLax, BioLiv, and Gastric Repair Complex
• Endocrine and Sexual Health –offers balancing nutrients and botanicals to support endocrine and sexual heath. Popular formulations include: Adrenal Support Plus, Adreno HS-SOD, Andro Plus, BioAdreno, BioFem PMS, BioProstrate, and BioThyro
• Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health –include botanicals historically used to support heart and vascular function as well as blood sugar metabolism
• Mental Wellness –mood modulating essential nutrients, amino acids, and circulatory aids are used to restore neurotransmitter balance and cognitive function
• Weight Control and Nutrition Bars –includes UltraLean supplements, beverages, and bars designed for health and weight loss