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Biotics Research

One of the most fascinating discoveries of scientific research into diet and nutrition has been the confirmation that nature is unique in her abilities to produce wonders positively affecting human health. Through the life giving properties of fruits and vegetables, to the many health enhancing properties of a wide variety of plants, nature has much to teach us about improving the human condition.

This singular, powerful insight, is what guides Biotics Research in its quest to develop a host of wellness products that combine the best of nature, with the precision of science, in order to provide dietary supplements that help people thrive.

​The Science of Maximizing Nature

Modern scientific investigations into the mysterious healing properties of plants has revealed the presence of thousands of powerful phytochemicals in everything from common fruits & vegetables, to what had previously been dismissed as mere weeds. Scientific research has demonstrated that these naturally occurring chemicals contain substances, such as antioxidants, that have beneficial biological affects when consumed by humans.

In searching for answers to human health issues, biotics research has been able to combine the lessons learned from nature, with the precision of cutting edge science, to create products that capture these health reinforcing affects at their peak of effectiveness. Nature produces these chemicals, but it is through rigorous scientific investigation that:

  • the precise time that cells can best absorb these minerals is discovered
  • the optimum moment of harvest to facilitate this process is determined

From these clinical studies a host of biotics supplements have been developed that enable Biotics Research Corporation to partner with healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes through nutrition.

Innovative & Reliable Biotics Products

Through scientific investigation and clinical analysis, the capacity to address some of the leading concerns of contemporary nutritional science has been achieved, resulting in the development of a wide variety of biotics research products. For example:

  • Bio-D-Mulsion Forte – focusing on the widespread vitamin D deficiency in the developed world
  • PheniTropic – to address the modern pervasiveness of stress, anxiety, and sleep related problems

These (and other) biotics research medicines are designed to provide holistic remedies that can be tailored to fit an individual's health needs, as well as a healthcare professional's clinical goals.

At the core of Biotics Research Corporation is a commitment to education, integrity, and honesty aimed at taking the lessons of nature, applying science, and delivering supplements that are bio-available, reliable, and safe.

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