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For most people good, strong, healthy bones mean calcium. It is what we were told by countless adverts when we were growing up. What we were not told was that in order to absorb calcium, the body needs a certain amount of vitamin D.

Vitamin D, "the sunshine vitamin", can be produced by the body. In theory 15 minutes of direct sun exposure is sufficient to produce the vitamin D we need. The truth is that everyone's body is different. Fifteen minutes may be enough for some and may be too much or even too little for others. Since we do not have a way to monitor the levels of vitamin D and calcium within the body, why take the chance of diseases like osteoporosis or even hypocalcemia?

A lack of calcium or vitamin D can have devastating consequences on our bodies and on our overall health. Symptoms of a lack of calcium range from numbness and tingling in the fingers to delayed development and skeletal deformation. A lack of vitamin D has been associated with chronic life-threatening disease like cancer.

Whilst it is possible to get your calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients required for bone support from food sources like dairy and sunlight, why take the risk of serious disease?

A good bone support supplement will ensure you get the right amounts of vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and all of the other nutrients you may need without adding to your already stressed life.

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