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When you think of calcium, you tend to think of two things: milk and strong bones. There are two problems with these thoughts. The first problem is that calcium has far more important functions in the body than merely providing us with strong bones. The second problem is that if you have been reading health articles over the last decade or two, then you already know that dairy products are a health minefield. Do you drink full cream or skim, do you trust your milk is free from Bovine Growth Hormone and other harmful chemicals or not? Getting a sufficient supply of healthy calcium has become almost impossible.

Although calcium is essential good strong teeth and bones, a lot of people don't realize that calcium is also essential for other functions within the body. Calcium is essential for our blood clotting ability and for our healing process. Without calcium, we cannot send and receive nerve signals properly. Calcium is essential for movement and for allowing us to flex and relax our muscles. Perhaps more importantly, calcium is essential for the maintenance of a regular heartbeat and therefore a healthy heart.

Getting sufficient calcium from a safe healthy source is however challenging to say the least. The truth is you could get your daily intake from a glass or two of milk but again, as mentioned above, who knows what is hidden in the milk or indeed which milk to choose?

When you invest in a high quality calcium supplement you easily get sufficient calcium and vitamin D to ensure you do not only have good strong bones, but that you also have the benefits of calcium for overall health and well-being.

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