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Crayhon Research

Crayhon Research, founded in 2003, believes in optimal brain and body health and supports them with a line of unique nutritional supplements for the brain and body.

Featured Products by Crayhon Research

Brain Vibrance Supreme Powder – includes Phosphatidylserine for memory, GlyceroPhosphoCholine for mental focus, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine for brain energy
Carnitine + Biotin Powder – provides energy to all cells, aids in brain function and mood, and reduces oxidation of fatty acids. Other benefits include glucose balance and weight loss.
CircuPower –DiosVein Diosmin and Hesperidin promote healthy circulation and vein health.
GPC Insta-Gel – GlyceroPhosphocholine supports  mental focus and brain repair as well as mind-body coordination.
My Aminoplex –includes a blend of amino acids free of common allergens that can be utilized by the body to support optimal wellness and other health conditions.
PhosSerine DHA Supreme –for natural memory support and overall brain health.
Ultra Pure MCT Oil –ideal for weight management and fat burning and supports healthy energy levels prior to exercise.