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Daiwa Health Development

Naturally-derived supplements are innovative at Daiwa Health Development. Daiwa sees a strong balance between the laws of nature and traditional health care wisdom and practice. They believe that science can prove the safety of natural nutrition. As such, Daiwa offers neutraceuticals, functional foods, and cosmetics in order to help people lead healthier and more enhanced lives. Daiwa’s open-minded approach, commitment to research, product innovation, and total quality management sets them apart from other brands. Their international Intelligence Network links them with researchers from respected institutions worldwide.

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Daiwa’s Featured Product

Biobran MGN-3 (BRM4 or PeakImmune4 in the US) is a rice bran derived immune modulator that has become the gold standard immune product worldwide for those with compromised immunity, such as the elderly, those exposed to toxic fumes, or those wanting prevention. Rice bran and shitake mushroom enzymes work together to strengthen the immune system by increasing natural killer cell activity, increasing B and T cell counts, reducing inflammation, and offering antioxidant protection. BRM4 also offers antiviral action.