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Over 55 years ago, Sam founded Douglas Labs with a promise to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements to anyone, anywhere no matter what. This determination drove the standards that the company still follows to this day. Each person is an individual, and their health regimes and natural medicine should reflect that truth. Douglas Labs creates personalized labels with specific formulas catered to the individual to ensure that the formula is strong and effective. Potency and government regulations are strictly followed by this family-owned company, including current Good Manufacturing Practices, Standard Operating procedures (SOPs), and the Vendor Certification Program (VCP) which protects all incoming raw materials for bottled product. Sam's mission is respected even today, with every employee of Douglas Labs representing a passionate, honest, and high quality business dedicated to global health and wellness.

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Douglas Labs Glucopack - Fight Low Blood Sugar

Insulin is the hormone that most people are familiar with. For those with diabetes, insulin is a necessity of life. For others, their insulin resistance is a warning sign of future deterioration to their health and blood sugar levels. Taking the right steps to treat and prevent the onset of damaging blood sugar diseases can lead down a confusing and complicated road of ineffective solutions and wasted time. Douglas Labs created the Glucopack as a source of relief for those suffering with blood sugar instability, diabetes, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and for maintaining a healthy blood sugar metabolism. It’s a 3 step formula of reparative fatty acids that act as antioxidants for cell growth, a nourishing borage oil capsule, and a Glucoset formula capsule infused with vitamins and minerals that normalize blood sugar, freeing you from the effects of irregular insulin function!

Douglas Laboratories 5-HTP

Sluggishness, fatigue, weight gain, food cravings, depression: are your serotonin levels normal? For many of us, serotonin is the hormone that keeps our sleep cycles regular, and produces our natural energy levels throughout the day. Ideally, our serotonin should be appropriately flowing around the times we wake up and fall asleep. However, stress, diet and lifestyle all play a role in serotonin function in a negative way. Without a good amount of sleep, stress management, and a whole foods based diet, our serotonin levels suffer. Fortunately, there is a natural solution to balancing serotonin production. Douglas Laboratories has formulated their 5-HTP Plus Vegetarian Formula to actively fight the effects of irregular hormone secretion, especially serotonin function. Tyrosine and Vitamin B6 are added to help support energy levels as well, since many people who are lacking serotonin also experience depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Hormones are an important aspect of a healthy human body, and treating the glands associated with hormone secretion are the most effective sources of relief!

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