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Dr.’s Advantage

For ten years, Dr.’s Advantage Natural Products have filled a void in healthcare. Run by Holistic Pharmacist, Michael Lenzner, Dr.’s Advantage offers liquid professional strength nutritional supplements that are pharmaceutical and professional quality yet available to consumers. With a background in compounding natural pharmaceuticals for individual needs, Lenzner offers a variety of formulas for all consumers: children, adults, and seniors.
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Featured Formulations by Dr.’s Advantage

• Liquid Multivitamins – Glucosamine/Chondroitin-MSM, Calcium/Magnesium +Essentials, Liquid Colloidal Silver
• Hormone Test Kits – Male and Female Saliva and Blood Spot
• Liquid Children’s Vitamins – Children’s Super MultiVitamins and Minerals
• Liquid Herbs & Minerals – Liquid Mega MultiVitamins and Minerals
• Liquid Anti-Aging
• Natural o Cal Sweetener
• Weight Loss – Liquid Adrenal Balance and Stress Defense, Liquid Glucose Balance
• Stress Formulas – Vitamin C, Liquid Zinc + Copper Complex, Liquid Adrenal Balance and Stress Defense
• Senior Health
• Digestive Formulas - Liquid Colloidal Silver, Liquid Lo Han
• Energy & Endurance – Liquid Ultra B-Complex, Vitamin C, Liquid Adrenal Balance and Stress Defense
• Sleep & Relaxation – Liquid Magnesium
• Liquid Antioxidants – Liquid Lutein, Liquid Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids
• Cardiovascular Health – Liquid CoQ10