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Ecological Formulas / Cardiovascular Research

Ecological Formulas, also known as Ecological Formulas / Cardiovascular Research, has been making and distributing specialty nutritional supplements for more than 20 years. The vitamin and supplement manufacturer has been a leader in the nutraceuticals industry with monolaurin, Abdominal Lean, and others.

Ecological Formulas History

President Jonathan Rothschild began his career as a medical writer specializing in advances in treatment for cardiovascular disease. In 1982 he founded Ecological Formulas, a subsidiary of Cardiovascular Research that is located in Concord, California.

Ecological Formulas contributed to important studies of sleep medication, including a study of “phase shifting” to treat jet lag, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, and a study of circadian rhythm in shift workers in the Journal of Sleep Research.

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Ecological Formulas Manufactures Popular Nutraceuticals

The following is a selection of Ecological Formulas / Cardiovascular Research's most popular supplements:

Reduced Glutathione Powder. Ecological Formulas’ Reduced Glutathione Powder is a highly pure form of glutathione, which is known as one of the body’s most vital antioxidants.

Magnesium Taurate. This scientifically designed amino acid and mineral complex ensures optimal bioavailability of magnesium, an essential mineral to the human body.

Serraflazyme. This mineral, comprised of a naturally occurring enzymes, is believes to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce pain and swelling and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Sphingolin. This basic protein supplement is used to support treatments for those struggling with symptoms of Muscular Sclerosis (MS) or Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS).

Annatto tocotrienols. This supplement contains tocotrienols – a form of vitamin E - derived from rain forest annatto plants. It is used to support healthy cholesterol and strengthen arteries.

Abdominal Lean. This nutritional supplement, which enhances digestive health, contains a unique blend of herbs and enzymes in concert with L-Carnitine.

Diabetrol. Diabetrol contains trivalent chromium and helps naturally treat blood sugar variations.

Monolaurin. This powerful supplement attacks virus cells and helps guard against the common cold, the flu, and other viral microbial agents.

Forskolin. Forskolin may decrease blood pressure and improve heart functions.

B Cell Formula Bone Marrow Extract with Nutrient Co-Factors. A nutritional extract containing fractions of bone marrow with glandular tissue concentrates, B Cell Formula supports the immune system.

Ecological Formulas Ingredients and Processing

Ecological Formulas / Cardiovascular Research was partially created in response to a demand for supplements for individuals with food and chemical sensitivities. Most of the manufacturer's supplements are kosher certified and independently lab tested.

All Ecological Formulas / Cardiovascular Research products are manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility where they are analyzed for potency and purity.

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