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Enzymes are essentially catalysts for most of the chemical reactions that occur within your body and that are necessary for life, as we know it. From the production of new cells, to the digestion of food, enzymes are required to make the chemical reactions work.

Digestive enzymes are responsible for the breakdown of food into building blocks that the body can use to produce the things we need. It makes logical sense that the more food we digest the more building blocks the body has, and therefore the less food we need to eat. Conversely, if we do not digest our food properly, we need to eat more in order to provide the body with the building blocks it needs. It therefore follows that a digestive enzyme supplement will give your stomach the ability to digest and gain more from the food you eat and will ultimately help you eat less and perhaps even lose weight. This is why some enzyme supplements actually promote and support weight loss.

However, as mentioned above, enzymes are not only important in terms of digestion but are important catalysts in many bodily functions. Some enzyme supplements provide the body with the necessary ingredients to support healthy joints and muscles.

You could get some of the enzymes you need from your diet however, processed foods and cooking often destroy the enzymes you need. That is why it is important for overall health to invest in an enzyme supplement that will ensure your body has the raw materials it needs to build a healthy happy life.

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Dairy Enzymes, 30 capsules by Dr. Mercola Dairy Enzymes, 30 capsules by Dr. Mercola
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Ketozyme, 30 capsules by Dr. Mercola Ketozyme, 30 capsules by Dr. Mercola
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