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Gaia Herbs is a company that operates on compassionate social responsibility to sustainable practices and trustworthy ingredients for all of the formulations they offer. In addition, a strict adherence to quality guidelines and rules keep the quality and potency of raw materials as pure as possible. The Spectrum guidelines require all plant substances to be unharmed and kept in their original molecular state-- this creates only the highest grade of nutraceuticals for your body and overall health. Meet Your Herbs, an adventurous pursuit done exclusively by Gaia Professional, is a system where your bottle of supplements can be traced via the internet to the original source it was uniquely derived from. This mimics the idea of "farm to table" living, which retrieves a sense of community and personability with your products. This is truly a company that thrives on honest and real communication with the consumer!
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Today’s modern world is ridden with schedules, time crunching, and stressful situations that occur as frequently as every hour! Tackle your stress and anxiety with a natural herbal remedy, Kava Kava. Gaia Professional has formulated this relaxing, euphoria-inducing herb into a capsule for an effective treatment against a multitude of troublesome symptoms. Depression, fatigue, lack of focus and concentration, and even inflammation have shown a significant decrease with the usage of kava kava. Release your tension and breathe easy!

Over 20 million Americans have been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. Unfortunately, there are many more people who unknowingly suffer from the multitude of symptoms associated with an imbalance of hormonal activity within the thyroid. Establishing a balance within this gland shows up as a metabolism that is healthy and actively utilizing calories for energy. Gaia Professional created Lean Phase CGL-Detox as a natural source of treatment for thyroid and metabolism issues. Wild Yam and green tea, two proven hormone balancers, are the base of this detoxifying treatment to either speed up or slow down your thyroid activity, dependent on your current state. In addition, detoxifying cayenne and antioxidant power from pomegranates nourishes the body and gives you a second chance at a healthy weight and an improved level of wellness! Explore the highest quality, organic, responsibly sourced formulas offered by Gaia Professional to improve your healthy lifestyle today! Our entire collection at CAMFormulas offers the best options for your healthiest life!