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Health Concerns

"Combining modern research and ancient wisdom," is the statement that embodies Health Concerns as a company and as a research facility. Traditional Chinese medicine is an effective and proven method of rapid recovery in many of today's modern illnesses, infections, and chronic diseases. Biochemistry and technology have bolstered the world of science and modern medicine into a powerful and effective form of medical treatment. The symbiotic relationship of age-old laws and up to date medical research come together in a harmonious and unbeatable match for permanent, overall wellness. By consistently offering the latest, most time-sensitive formulas based on western medicine and the –ancient wisdom" within herbs, Health Concerns is a trusted and unique company for your most minor and urgent wellness needs.

Chinese Herbs For Women

For all women, the transition in life to menopause can be painful, uncomfortable, and even disruptive. The symptoms are endless and relief seems to be out of reach. Relieve hot flashes, night sweats, hormonal imbalance, restlessness, back pain, and headache with the power of traditional Chinese medicinal principles. Health Concerns specially formulated their Three Immortals Formula to tackle the issues of menopause and quickly kickstart the body to repair and remove the discomfort associated with menopause. A special combination of herbal remedies, such as licorice root and red date, has given women relief and benefit for over thousands of years. It can do the same for you!

TCM Is Used To Treat Multiple Health Issues

Traditional Chinese Medicine is effective for its ability to tackle multiple issues in the human body simultaneously. Astra Essence is a long-standing tonifier for the kidneys, however, it also relieves cognitive degeneration and hearing loss or dizziness associated with these issues. By treating the kidneys, you also gain benefit to your immune system function, cell growth and management, and overall health and longevity. Compliment your body’s natural rhythms with the medicinal properties of herbal remedies that cultures have been using successfully for centuries.

Health Concerns Traditional Formulas

Health Concerns formulas come in high quality formulations based on herbal and modern laws of health and wellness. Treat your body to the highest quality Health Concerns supplements right here, at CAMFormulas!