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Herbs and Herbal Extracts

Herb and herbal extracts have been used for centuries to help treat and prevent disease. In fact, all modern drugs have their roots in compounds that scientists were able to isolate from herbs or herbal remedies that they studied for a particular complaint or malady.

The beauty about using herbs or herbal extracts for the prevention or treatment of various conditions is that herbs are milder in nature than drugs. A drug may work within an hour or two whereas an herb may take a day or two. Although this may not sound like an advantage, herbs take longer because they generally treat the cause of a disease or complaint, rather than treating the symptoms. This means that herbs help to prevent the symptoms recurring in the future.

Another advantage to herbal remedies is that generally herbs and herbal extracts are abundantly available in nature depending on the type of herb of course. This means that herbal extracts are often a highly cost efficient way of treating disease.

There are literally herbs and herbal extracts for almost every type of disease. From diabetes to arthritis, there are herbal extracts that can be used to help lessen pain and also help support the body in its efforts to heal.

Herbs can also be used to help improve or support various systems in the body like the immune system to ensure overall health and well-being.

Investing in herbal supplements is a good way to help you prevent disease in the future rather than merely treating the symptoms with modern drugs.

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