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iFlora Multi-Probiotic by Sedona Labs Pro

When a child is born there are various systems that still need to form and mature to operate at optimal levels. The immune system is immature and the mother passes on vital nutrients that kick-start the immune system. The digestive system of a child is also forming and maturing and it is important to ensure that you support the digestive system during the maturation process. There are a number of friendly bacteria that need to colonize in the digestive tract to ensure digestive health in children. These bacteria may be found in natural foods, but with so many children these days suffering from allergies it may be difficult to ensure you child receives these bacteria in sufficient quantities.

The iFlora Multi-Probiotic range of products by Sedona Labs Pro offers you a simple and convenient way to supplement your child’s nutritional intake of the bacteria required to ensure digestive system health and function.