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For over 40 years, naturopaths, herbalists, alternative therapies, and scientific research have created the foundation for Innate Response as a business and a company. Their products are community-driven, sourcing local and organic farms for their product ingredients. The whole foods approach to health and wellness is the leading driver in all of the business practices at Innate Response headquarters. Their laboratory is on-site, and regularly monitored for quality assurance and raw materials are tested for contaminants and potency. If you're looking to get as close to nature as possible, this is it!
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What is maitake? It is a mushroom, native to Japan, that has been valued for hundreds of years. Its name actually means “dancing bloom,” because it was extremely sought after due to its value in silver. Anyone who found maitake would be dancing with delight at their source of prosperity! Today, you may be dancing for very different reasons: the value of these mushrooms on human health and preservation is becoming increasingly vital and surprisingly important. Your immune system repairs itself with the supplementation of maitake mushroom, and studies have shown a positive effect on staving off cancer with these mushrooms. For those who have developed cancer, tumor growth stalls or reverses with consistent supplementation. Integrate Innate Response Maitake Gold 404 formula, rich with this powerful and transformative herbal remedy, to nourish your health and happiness for years to come!

Let’s face it: making our diets pristine and perfectly balanced in today’s world can be difficult. 5 servings of bright fruits and green vegetables is no easy task when convenience and cost dominate our food choices. Where do we seek solace and answers to the optimum diet? The Maximum Food formula contains all of the powerful antioxidant packed, nutrient dense foods that we often miss in our day to day diets. Encourage your body’s natural rhythms of health by treating your body to blueberries, broccoli, kale, onion, papaya, parsley, tomato, and spinach just to name a few. This formula is rich with powerful superfoods and essential foods for the modern human diet without the hassle of cooking, cleaning, and buying large amounts of produce!

At CAMFormulas, we are dedicated to offering high quality and trustworthy products for you, your health, and preserving your life. Our entire collection of Innate Response products are of high quality and high potency. Check out our entire stock here, on CAMFormulas.com!