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Ensuring safety in nutraceutical products helps to solidify a strong base for a potent product that saves lives and protects the population from the hundreds of health problems we see each and every day. Metagenics follows five ways that ensure their safety in their formulations and product lines with you, the consumer, in mind.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are followed for quality assurance, raw and pure materials are used in formulas, their research staff ensure safety of ingredients, clinical evaluations by people allow for the best product to be released, and the laboratory facilities used by Metagenics are up to date for today's modern scientific testing and research. Metagenics also offers educational programs to share the same information they use in creating the best health products in their line. For almost 30 years, Metagenics has provided quality products to 6 countries, founded on the idea of remembering what it feels like to be truly healthy amidst common, chronic disease and poor health.
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500-C Methoxyflavone 270 tabs by Metagenics Acute Phase 9 Packets by Metagenics Adrenogen 270 tabs by Metagenics
Adrenogen 90 tabs by Metagenics Adreset 180 caps by Metagenics Adreset 60 vcaps by Metagenics
AdvaClear 126 vcaps by Metagenics AdvaClear Detox 42 caps by Metagenics Andrographis Plus 30 tabs by Metagenics
Andrographis Plus 90 tabs by Metagenics ArginCor 1 lb by Metagenics ArginCor 24.7 oz Powder by Metagenics
Arginine Plus 120 tabs by Metagenics Attencia 60 Softgels by Metagenics Benesom 60 tabs by Metagenics
BioPure Protein 345 gms by Metagenics BioSom Spray 2 oz by Metagenics Black Cohosh Plus 60 by Metagenics
Blisphora 30 Tabs by Metagenics Bone Builder 270 tabs by Metagenics Bone Builder Forte 180 caps by Metagenics
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Cal Apatite Forte is a capsulated formula that boosts bone, brain, and hormonal health. It’s packed with vitamin D for tough bones, skin, and nails, calcium, phosphorus, and a MCHC blend of minerals for superior health and balance. Multiple forms of vitamin D are included to ensure your body utilizes these valuable nutrients for bone benefits. Supplementation of vitamin D3 also shows decreases of depressive symptoms, and increases in energy levels.

Cardiovascular health is an important aspect of a long, healthy life. As heart disease continues plaguing the nation, any methods of preventative health can help to save and preserve your life. Cardiogenics Intensive Care was created with this concern in mind: how do we maintain a healthy heart, when chronic cardiovascular disease is everywhere? This formula utilizes herbal and mineral methods of treatment for fighting irregularities in the circulatory system and main organs, today’s culprits of heart disease. Rich minerals like calcium, magnesium, hydrating potassium, and protective antioxidant selenium are included to nourish the heart and repair damaged cells from environmental free radicals that disrupt and destroy healthy cells. Taurine, hawthorne, and exotic arjuna bark aid in easing the body into generating healthy and regular body processes, including a strong heart beat and lower blood pressure. This is the ultimate natural source of heart protection!

Our collection of Metagenics products are high grade and completely safe. Explore your options here, on CAMFormulas.com!