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NeuroScience : Restore Neurotransmitter Balance

In the evolution of healthy living, NeuroScience has developed solutions and services that address the hormonal and neurological imbalances that are often the underlying causes of chronic health problems. There are various reasons that the neurological system can become imbalanced. Age, injury or other health issues, chronic stress, all of these can disrupt the delicate balance of our nervous system and endocrine system as well. When this happens, they need to be brought back into harmony for our bodies and minds to function properly.

Dedicated to the improvement of health through science, neuroscience medicine products are used to address a wide variety of health issues. It has become increasingly evident that when neurochemicals and hormones become imbalanced, the resulting symptoms can be relieved by addressing the source of the problem, rather than just the symptoms. This results in better long-term outcomes, increased patient satisfaction and results.

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NeuroScience Supplements

The following three products are some of the top selling formulas available:

Kavinace Ultra PM is a formula that assists in maintaining melatonin, GABA and serotonin levels to improve sleep and decrease anxiety.

Kavinace promotes healthy sleeping patterns and decreases anxiety.

Avipaxin is a neuro-immune modulator the supports acetylcholine levels as well as healthy immune activity and cognitive function.

Other product formulations include advanced cortisol support, dopamine support and glutamate inhibitors. These formulas have developed and research continues to create products that enhance health and prevent problems associated with imbalance.

Full Line of NeuroScience Products

These neuroscience capsules, along with the others, are available to physicians and are to be used in conjunction with other standard methods of care in order to provide the best possible treatments for their patients. You can find the full line of neuroscience capsules at CAMFormulas.com.

Promote Neurological Function

It is recognized that in order for the body and mind to function at an optimal level, the nervous, endocrine and immune systems must be in balance. Through science and research, they have developed this line of neuroceuticals. These products are designed to restore neurological and hormonal balance.

Use under the supervision of a licenses health care practitioner. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your health care practitioner before use.

For questions about NeuroScience products please contact our Healthcare Professional: Geoff D'Arcy, LAc - darcy@camformulas.com