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Life sustaining life: this is the law that governs NewMark as a company and as a mission. They utilize the inherent power of whole foods, microorganisms like probiotics, and herbs to create innovative and effective formulas. For 30 years, NewMark has been sourcing organic and potent raw materials in their products, ensuring bioavailability and scientific findings toward the effectiveness of their supplements. Many formulated vitamin and mineral supplements can be difficult to digest because they are separated and singularly created. NewMark uses whole foods and therefore, the digestibility of their products is just like eating regular food. The probiotic strains included in their formulas also aid in digestion and maintaining intestinal health. All raw materials are tested and scanned for contaminants and potency through a master product testing of weights, micro metals and heavy metals.

For hundreds of years, garlic has been known for its amazing health benefits. Blood pressure, circulation, and cholesterol levels are all positively affected by the consumption of garlic. In addition, digestion can greatly improve from garlic, as it is a natural antibiotic and can rebalance gut microflora to aid in optimal digestive processes. Garlic, as it ages, contains antioxidant compounds to fight free radicals that cause immune and degenerative disease! NewMark’s powerhouse Garlic FSE includes this powerful stinking rose alongside cardamom, clove, and cinnamon which are proven to aid in circulation and digestion as well.

Our bones love calcium. With the help of vitamin D, we are able to absorb and utilize calcium in rebuilding and maintaining the strength of our skeletal system to support us throughout life, even as we age. The strength of our bones can prevent may fractures and sprains that result from minor trips and falls which often result in replacements and painful surgery. NewMark created an entirely plant sourced formula that delivers an incredible amount of calcium called Botani-Cal Complex. Barley and sunflower oil are paired up with vitamins D, K, and calcium to pack a bone-conditioning punch of nourishing compounds for the maintenance of your bone health.

At CAMFormulas, we’re dedicated to offering high quality supplements like NewMark formulas. Discover your perfect healthy regimen here, today!