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Pharmax Delivers Quality

Pharmax has been cultivating premier nutraceuticals for over 15 years. The company's leading-edge line of professional-grade products are built on a research-driven and evidence-based foundation of the highest scientific standards. The Pharmax brand brings high quality to your health regimen.

Pharmax trusts their suppliers of raw materials and products to manufacture only the best formulas with a focus on physician needs and requirements. By producing rich, viable, and bio-available nutraceuticals, the consumer can expect and rely on Pharmax to guarantee effective results from the use of their products.

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Alli-cinn - 60 Caps by Pharmax Broad Spectrum Complex 60 caps by Pharmax Cal : Mag Berry Liquid + 15.2 fl oz by Pharmax
Candaclear Four 6 blisters by Pharmax Caprylate Complex 90 caps by Pharmax Chewable CoQ10 60 chews by Pharmax
D-Mulsion 1 fl oz by Pharmax D3 1000 Drops 1 oz by Pharmax DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil 90 Softgels with essential oil of orange by Pharmax
Finest Pure Cod Liver Oil 10.1 fl oz with orange & lemon by Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil Capsules with essential oil of orange 120 caps by Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil Plant Sterols Ess oil of orange 10.1 oz - Pharmax
Finest Pure Fish Oil Plus Vitamin D - 6.8 fl oz by Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil with essential oil of orange 16.9 floz by Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil with essential oil of orange 6.8 fl oz by Pharmax
Frutol Finest Pure Fish Oil Emul with Prebiotic 10.1 fl oz by Pharmax Garlic Freeze Dried 90 caps by Pharmax High DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil with essential oil of orange 5.1 fl oz by Pharmax
HLC Child + Multi 30 tabs by Pharmax HLC Replenish Capsules - 14 Caps by Pharmax HLC Toddler + Pro - 2.1 fl oz by Pharmax
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Pharmax Products

Unlike other fish oil supplements, the company’s Finest Pure Fish Oil provides all the health benefits of fish oil without the fishy taste and smell, making it one of Pharmax’s most popular supplements.

The company’s Multivitamin & Mineral is a comprehensive, thoughtfully designed all-in-one supplement to nourish and strengthen the health of any body.

The Pharmax Approach ensures customers receive a product that works with your natural rhythms while improving any complications that arise from environmental or physical exposures.

Another unique product by Pharmax, the Ginseng Combination, beautifully synchronizes the human body to fight infection and disease with roots found in nature.

CAMFormulas.com offers a wide variety of Pharmax products. Some of our more popular are High DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil, HLC Intensive Capsules, Finest Pure Cod Liver Oil, and Omega 3:6:9.

Pharmax History

Pharmax was created in 1998 by American health care practitioners and nutraceutical experts in the UK and Europe to realize the vision of bringing the highest quality products, manufactured from the purest ingredients, to the marketplace. The company was built on the premise that these quality ingredients could protect and restore patients' health.

Currently, the Pharmax advisory boards consist of students, physicians, scientists, researchers, and business partners who frequently discuss and test the effectiveness of Pharmax product lines, all supporting the company’s philosophy of continuously offering the highest quality goods to the public.

Pharmax Production Standards

Pharmax uses only the most rigorous manufacturing standards and sources pure, natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives, from industry-leading suppliers worldwide.

The benefit of the care taken by the Pharmax Approach is that it enables physicians to use Pharmax nutraceuticals to treat patients with chemical and allergen sensitivities. These standards include:

  • full label disclosure - including non-medical ingredients - and independent testing;
  • minerals listed by true elemental weight;
  • human clinical trials on vitamins and supplements, published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals;
  • production processes - covering everything from raw material manufacture to product packing and labeling - contained in clean-room environments.

Pharmax prides itself on full compliance for all its products with Health Canada and FDA Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) requirements. Pharmax facilities include various ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accreditations - the global manufacturing standards that ensure quality, environmental friendliness, safety, and reliability.

Pharmax and CAMFormulas.com

Discover CAMFormulas.com’s full offering of Pharmax products to complement your healthy lifestyle. Buy Pharmax nutraceuticals from CAMFormulas.com and enjoy fast, free shipping and industry leading customer service.

For questions about Pure Encapsulation products please contact our Healthcare Professional: Geoff D'Arcy, LAc - darcy@camformulas.com