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More than 25,000 people are currently enjoying the benefits of Progressive Labs supplements and formulas in their everyday lives. Some of these people are practitioners who recommend the same formulas to their patients. High quality vitamins and minerals are needed for today's society, and Progressive Labs understands this importance by providing therapeutic and professional grade products every day. The Food and Drug Administration has established GMPs and strict guidelines for nutraceutical production, which Progressive Labs has achieved and surpassed to deliver trustworthy and safe products to the consumer.
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Their exclusive, updated research and development laboratories work and constantly report on the latest scientific findings to create an innovative environment that is constantly improving in quality. There is also a naturopathic doctor to assist and cooperate with scientific research to support a well rounded approach to health. Progressive Labs formulated their product, Vegyzyme, with the body’s own chemical digestive enzymes, Amylase and Lipase, and natural plant derived enzymes from papaya leaf to maximize your potential in nutrient absorption.

The body needs vitamin K for healthy bones, regulated blood circulation, and an overall healthy cardiovascular system. Two forms of vitamin K exist-- one is derived from plant sources, vitamin K, and the other is derived from bacteria that normally live in the human digestive tract, vitamin K2. Both are essential for good health but if your microflora is poor, consider taking Progressive Labs Vitamin K2. Especially among those who suffer with digestive issues, it typically stems from a microflora imbalance or toxicity.
At CAMFormulas.com, we strive to offer a wide range of high quality supplements for your lifestyle and nutrient needs. Check out our full line of Progressive Labs formulas!